Here are some great testimonials about the Tailored For You body scanning events:

"Loved it and have shown all my friends !" - Julie
"I did enjoy the scan and it was very interesting - I discovered I have dreadful posture so that is great to have it highlighted before it gives me back problems!" - Nicola

"Because of being pregnant I would be silly to get tailored jeans now as my shape will change dramatically even though the ones that Lynette were wearing were lovely" - Nicola

"Thank you very much for the information. I thought the service was excellent and am now having a good look at my wardrobe." - Mary

"Thank you for the body scan and measurements. I enjoyed myself immensely at the show and have found the scan and its measurements extremely useful. So far I have only shopped at Marks and Spencer and sizes are exactly those that fit me except that as I am only 5 foot in height I purchase petite sizes." - Linda

"This 3D body scanning was in Lakeside shopping centre, and the ladies on the stand were very friendly and helpful, made us feel normal, haha !!  The scan was explained to us and took minutes and once we were finished, she explained our image / body shape to us and gave us plenty of helpful advice on what to wear and not to wear etc.  Definitely worth having a go, absolutely great experience !!!!!" - Sharon

"The whole experience was most helpful and gives me a better idea of the style of clothes I should be looking to purchase.
Thank you" 
- Maureen

"I found this to be a great experience and really helpful to know what clothes will suit me the most and which to avoid. Thanks" - Tammy

"I thought it interesting and something new, and helpful to know my exact measurements (I already knew my shape, but for those ladies who don't that would be helpful, too). What could be improved (from my point of view) is that I would have liked to have been made aware when I booked the session that I would be best wearing white underwear, and that I was going to have to undress. It wasn't the undressing as such that made it a little stressful, it was the fact that there were several ladies waiting, so I had to rush (and not get dressed comfortably). I don't know whether space/resources would allow for it, but a second small changing cubicle for those getting dressed would mean that those waiting wouldn't have to stand around for as long.
Otherwise, a good idea, I though." - Sheena

"I took part in the body scan session at Edgware last week. The girls, especially the young lady giving fashion advise were lovely. I would reccomend this service to anyone. It definitely told me something I didn't realise about my shape." - Sue