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If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, you have a small waist and you wear a larger size on your bottom than your top, then you probably fall into this category.

When you’re choosing clothes, remember that clothes that make your shoulders appear wider will balance your body shape. This can be achieved by layering your top half and by drawing attention to it with colours, patterns and accessories, big collars and even epaulettes and shoulder pads.

Conversely, keep things simple below the waistline. Trousers should be tailored and either straight-legged or slightly flared
  Go for longer, straight skirts, and don’t choose anything with pockets, or other details at the hip. While clothes for your top half can be as eye-catching as you want, stick to dark or muted colours for your bottom half.

You can emphasise your waist with fitted styles, or a belt.

Separates definitely flatter this body shape more than dresses.

And always pick jackets and tops which finish either above, or below, your widest point.

You also need to balance the fabrics you choose, while chunky tweeds and bold horizontal striped fabrics will look great on you as jackets, keep your skirt and trouser choice to lighter weight fabrics in plain colours.