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‘Round’, or apple-shaped women have great shaped legs but are fuller in the tummy area and usually have a larger-than-average bust.

When dressed correctly, this is a very attractive, feminine shape but there are certain rules to remember.

Always think of your silhouette. You want to slim the bust, tummy and hips so avoid any fuss or detail in those areas and use them to draw the eye to your top.

Don’t go for voluminous or baggy jackets and tops or anything that fits too tightly, but opt for softly-tailored jackets that will fit comfortably without bulking out your tummy area. A single buttoned jacket which fastens just below the breast is most flattering. Try to emphasise your shoulders, or make them appear a little wider with shoulder pads, or detailing at the top of the arm. Make sure the jacket doesn't end at your widest point. Longer jackets can look fantastic on ‘round’ women.

Suits really flatter this body shape but keep the fabric classical and, if using a pattern, make sure it’s a very small pattern. Skirts should finish below the knee, and both skirts and trousers should be flat-fronted with side openings. High heels worn under trousers will give an illusion of longer, slimmer legs.