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‘Rectangles’ are women whose tops and bottom halves are the same size, with a straight shoulder line and ribcage, little waist definition and a fairly flat tummy.

While people with this body shape can look stunning in the right clothes, it can sometimes be difficult to find feminine items that flatter without going over the top.

The three key points to remember if you’re a ‘rectangle’ are:
* Keep your silhouette simple. You don’t want to make yourself appear bulky.
* Choose structured jackets that gently shape the waist without becoming heavy.
* Avoid straight lines or anything that’s too busy or droopy – your aim is to add soft curves in all the right places.

Use details at the neckline to emphasise your décolletage giving a feminine look without being over-fussy. Try jackets with curved lapels, or just a straightforward neckline.

Crossover, paneled and A-line skirts will add a little definition to your waist without adding weight. Experiment with length, and don’t choose a skirt with a hem that sits at the widest point of your calf.

Low-waisted trousers will suit you, and you’ll look great in wide-legged or flared trousers. These look fantastic when teamed with the right jacket and a sexy pair of boots.

For fabrics choose woven wools and lightweight tweeds, avoid really chunky textured fabrics.  Bold stripes, checks and spots will really suit you, avoid any fabrics which are fussy and busy like floral patterns.