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Inverted Triangle

The ‘Inverted Triangle’ shape is characterised by having wider shoulders than hips, and wearing a larger size on your top half than your bottom half. There may be little definition between your waist and hips and your bottom may lack curves.

The trick for inverted triangles is to make their bottom halves appear broader to balance out their tops. This will also give a more feminine, softer appearance.

To start with, keep things simple, clean and uncluttered up top! Avoid excessive detailing, bows, frills and fussy patterns. However you can get away with shorter sleeves.

Moving down, create the illusion of a waist with a wider belt, or tailored trousers or a skirt with an inbuilt belt or button detailing. You’re lucky in that you are one of the few body shapes which really suit beautiful, feminine shorter skirts with pleats, ruffles and flounces. Hip pockets are no problem at all for inverted triangles.

Keep your fabric choices to geometric patterns as these will balance out your body shaping.

Just remember, when choosing clothes, look for those that balance your silhouette. This is more important than following the latest trends, particularly when it comes to classical, quality investment pieces.