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If you’re lucky enough to have a full hourglass figure, then you really should dress to make the most of this ultra-feminine shape.

More fitted, tailored styles will suit you best, as they’ll show off your curves as well as enhancing your small waist.

Women who fall into this category, often make the mistake of choosing clothes that are large and baggy, and which tend to make them appear shapeless. Avoid bulky, voluminous clothes, instead try neat shapes and lines which follow your body line.

You can get away with a lower neckline, and to slim arms, wear half, or full length sleeves.

Don’t choose styles that are too fussy. A straight, tailored skirt will suit you better than one with pleats and pockets and opt for a simple jacket rather than a double-breasted one.

Choose from our selection of plain and spotted fabrics, however try and avoid the large geometric patterns as the lines will not flatter your curves.