Style Advice

Are you an hourglass, a rectangle, a round, a triangle or even an inverted triangle? You don’t know? No problem!

When you come for your body scan, our adviser will analyse your body shape and guide you towards the best patterns, fabrics and shapes to suit your figure. This means you can start thinking about the type of clothes which will truly flatter your body shape.

There are five main body shapes recognised by the fashion industry. The aim of identifying your ‘shape’, is so that we can recommend the kind of styles that will emphasise your best features, and enhance them.

Different colours, fabrics and even detailing can also make a big difference, not only to how comfortable you feel in your new suit, jeans etc, but in the image you present.

Each of the women shown into the picture to the right fits the average measurements for a Size 12 as defined by SizeUK, however as you can see each of their shapes is very different. This demonstrates how difficult it is to get off the peg clothes to fit; body scanning provides customisation in a timely and affordable manner.