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Fashion Retailers

Our mobile 3D body scanning services will provide you with the latest 21st century hi-tech interactive fashion event.  We understand the challenge that your marketing teams face in capturing new footfall and in recognition of this we are able to provide you with a unique opportunity to really differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer your shoppers a truly memorable and personalised experiential event. 


We know our 'What body shape are you?' interactive experiential promotional event will increase your footfall and your average transaction spend.  Our unique ability to run successful events across a range of stores including House of Fraser, Debenhams, Wallis and prestigious events like Clothes Show Live makes us an enviable partner in your marketing tool kit.

By implementing our interactive body scanning events you will:

  • Create a real buzz in your store
  • Be able to collect valuable data about your shoppers
  • Increase the average transaction spend
  • Increase footfall
  • Boost the confidence of your shoppers that they will be able to find exactly the right outfit within your store
  • Gain fantastic levels of PR due to the novelty of the event
To find out more about running an event in your store please call our retail team on 0117 364 3052 or email